Skincare like mother nature invented"


Ethically wild-crafted botanical skincare made with the highest quality plant based ingredients. 

Each Wild Pharmacy product has a theme. The theme has a deeper meaning, well-being matters. Every product has a purpose and this purpose is to achieve good.

The series tells the story of its target audience in a genuine, honest and straightforward way. Wild Pharmacy is built around the lives of young people. The development of the series was done together with young people aged 11-25 and young adults.

Wild Pharmacy is a product line open to everyone. Age, color, gender, or any limiting factor. You are warmly welcome to the world of Wild Pharmacy.


My Skincare, just like me, wild & precious. 

Wild Pharmacy is a company devoted to creating 100% natural skincare products at approachable price points. Our products are thoughtfully formulated, handmade in small batches and simply designed with fresh and organic ingredients. 
At Wild Pharmacy, our goal is to make all-natural, high quality skincare products attainable and approachable to everyone. Our formulations are handcrafted in small batches in our factory with a keen attention to detail and without compromise.

Values Matter

At the core of Wild Pharmacy's values is their ethos of each individual seeing themselves as a whole. So be gentle to yourself, and to others. The company encourages all to not lose hope or self confidence. This is why there are little messages on each bottle as a reminder. Remember, being 'naturally you (also intended natural for the skincare) is the best version of you-can be!

Pursuing the 'whole' strategy to both its' product and corporate strategy, each Wild Pharmacy product contains an encouraging saying or quote to brighten up your day as well as your outlook- it's not just about what is outside but what is inside too. The brand supports campaigns and projects on anti-bullying of young people, cyber-bullying, and over all mental wellness & health of Gen-Z. 

Specializing in wild plants and natural ingredients, Wild Pharmacy is a skin care series that has the ability to heal and keep problem and blemished skin at its optimum health and condition. The range champions in specializing in wild plants, and harvesting not just natural and organic ingredients, but also on nature's rhythms'- creating a synergy or formula that works as truly 'nature intended'. 


What Is "Wildcrafted" Skin Care? "[Traditionally], natural ingredients can be subject to processing that dilutes their primary actives such as [antioxidants], but wild products are less mired in chemicals, and more to have full potential and efficacy," grown wild, chosen their freedom, full of vitality 

We believe in the efficacious power of nature to heal, nourish and restore. All of our products are handmade in small batches with love using the finest wildcrafted, organic cold pressed and steam distilled carrier oils, butters, hydrosols and botanical herbs.